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Jim Draper’s Feast of Flowers is a multi-disciplinary project that critically investigates new ways of understanding Florida’s history, environmental aesthetics and the human place within the natural order. It is comprised of a collection of original paintings along with a digital anthology of collected works that seek to explain Florida’s enigmatic environmental and social landscape. Essential in offering a unique perspective to the 500th anniversary of the naming of Florida, the curated document features responses from voices of various disciplines and serves as a cultural critique of our state, while Draper’s paintings explain a personal relationship with the unique Floridan ecosystem.

“Juan Ponce de León is referenced in the collection as an archetype and is treated more as a concept than an individual; he’s certainly not celebrated as a hero. I think that he represents that part of our psyche that we hope we can overcome: the individual as possessor. I want to show an alternative path through which we can learn to live as an active participant within the natural order. So another way to look at this project would be Ponce vs. the Butterfly.”


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