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My Piano Sonata consists of four large contrasting movements. Each movement bows to tradition and convention in many ways. Yet each also aims to create something new. I utilize diverse materials in my music, materials from Americana, jazz and world musics As well as the Western European tradition. Pluralism has become a major force for me. I find the 21st century to be strikingly different than the time in which I studied and came of age. Technology has brought us all into very close contact. Today the alien does not remain alien for long; it is soon incorporated. The world is shrinking at a surprising rate. Cultures now meet and mix, new ideas abound, perspectives change. I find this strange, but wonderful – a “brave new world” as Shakespeare wrote.


Recording of Piano Sonata I. Kimnara’s Blessing is available here:
Recording of Piano Sonata II. Moonspinner is available here:
Recording of Piano Sonata III. Turtle Dreams of Flight is available here:
Recording of Piano Sonata IV. Chez Garuda is available here:

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