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Garuda is a mythical bird-god. His statue in Sanjusangendo is fierce and menacing. The figure seemed almost comical in its ferocity. The Garuda I saw was a crazed Hellboy musician stamping out a beat, playing wild licks on his flute. But it seemed he might also be capable of the most inspired lyricism. If so, his would be formidable music-making, no doubt. This movement is my reaction to that image. Here my jazz background becomes apparent. Bebop, boogie-woogie, Bill Evans lyricism…all this and more is mixed together in a swirling cartoon world of expression. The movement is loosely cast in the traditional sonata-allegro format. Though my title is rooted in Eastern tradition, this final movement is, surely, very American.


Score of Piano Sonata is available here:
Recording of Piano Sonata I. Kimnara’s Blessing is available here:
Recording of Piano Sonata II. Moonspinner is available here:
Recording of Piano Sonata III. Turtle Dreams of Flight is available here: