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The official campus newspaper of UNF published weekly and distributed on campus for free. Articles include: UNF’s 25th Anniversary, safety concerns on campus, scholarship scams, a job fair, young people entering religious vocations, Asian-Pacific region refugees and Amnesty International, limited campus dining, Student Government Association Senate elections, Views, letters to the editor, scheduled events on campus, UNF sports , and Classifieds. Managing Editor - Kristie Lassiter, Advertising Manager - Greg Renfroe, News Editor – Vanessa Ernst, Features Editor – Morris Lary, Sports Editor – John Deeks, Production Manager – Brian Hicks, Photo Editor – Cheryl Zibisky, Copy Editor - Maureen Goin, Staff Writers - Edward Carifio, Audrey Roach, Fareed Kamani, Staff Photographer - Dante Delgrosso, Digital Tech Support – Dan Wastchak, Advisor – Doug Covey.