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The program for the University of North Florida 25th Anniversary Gala held on January 25, 1997 as the inaugural event for the silver anniversary year. Recognized are founding faculty and staff celebrating 25 years at UNF, with names of the recognized alphabetically listed. The program included:

Welcome by J.F. Bryan IV

Procession of Founding Faculty and Staff led by Grand Marshal Thomas G. Carpenter

Invocation by Reverent Neil Gray

Introductions by J.F. Bryan IV


Proclamation by the Honorable John A. Delaney, Major of the City of Jacksonville

Musical Interlude by Don Menza and the UNF Jazz Ensemble

Greeting from the Board of Regents by Elizabeth G. Lindsay, Madam Chairman of the Board

Remarks by Thomas G. Carpenter, Founding President and President Emeritus

Remarks by Curtis L. McCray, past President

Presentation of the 25th Anniversary Video by J.F. Bryan IV

Remarks by Adam W. Herbert, President

Presentation of 25th Anniversary Composition “A Prelude to Greatness” by Barry Greene

Closing Remarks by J.F. Bryan IV


Karl Haas Performance

Silver patrons are listed alphabetically, followed by patrons listed alphabetically. Members of the UNF 25th Anniversary Committee are listed by position. The 1972 and 1997 State of Florida Governor, Florida Board of Regents members, and University of North Florida Foundation Board member names are listed alphabetically.



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