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The monthly publication for faculty and staff of the University of North Florida. This edition includes the following articles:

Birthday Party Planned for Oct. 2

Kelly Inspires Summer Graduates

New Career Development Director Says Internet Key to Career Placements

Institutional Advancement Marks Banner Year

History Department Plans MOSH Program

College of Health Bldg. to be Dedicated to Brown

25th Anniversary Profiles

Noted M.I.T. Researcher to Visit UNF

Secret Service Conducts Computer Crime Course

Osprey Images

Academic Resource Center Expands

Players Scholarships Awarded to Six UNF Students

Taylor Wins Covey Award

National Firm Recognizes UNF Quality

UNF Athlete Awarded NCAA Scholarship

Food Service is Zariv's Life and Livelihood

Workshop to Promote Service Learning

Remember When...

No Tickets Left for Angelou Lecture