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The UNF Journal is published three times a year by the University of North Florida, Division of Institutional Advancement, to communicate UNF’s mission and its accomplishments to alumni and friends of the University. Officers/Staff: Dr. Adam W. Herbert Jr. -President University of North Florida, Dr. Pierre Allaire -Vice President Institutional Advancement, Dan Dundon - Director News and Publications/UNF Journal Editor, Ron Natherson - Director Alumni Services, Ann Snyder Rishell - Designer Bad Dog Design. Includes a letter from Dr. Roland E. Buck and article about UNF’s Office of International Programs, Alex Diaz – a sophomore political science major, UNF being listed among top 100 best college buys, the Honors Program orientation, Assistant Professor of Biology Valerie J. Harwood examines water quality issues in North Florida waters, Dr. Bruce Gutknecht and his wife Connie created a tutoring project for elementary students, Dr. Fran Farrell honored for work with Special Olympics, articles on UNF graduates Barbara Tucker, Adrian Lilburn Crement, Phillip Stewman, Michael Cooper, Anita Zucker, Commander Earle Yerger, and Todd Dunn, the 25th Anniversary Celebrations, Raines High School students benefit from Delores Kesler Scholarship Fund, Blanche and Luther Coggin, Class Notes and UNF alumni gatherings.



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