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Announcement to the community listing 25 distinguished faculty members available to make presentations in 1997. Presentations include: Tips for Effective Business Communication - Bettie M. Adams, M.Acc, The Florida Lottery: A “Lotto” Broken Promises - Mary O. Borg, Ph.D., What’s New and What’s Cool in Education Technology - Zella M. Boulware, Ed.D., The Genetics of Cancer – Joan L. Bray, Ph.D., Dying to be Thin: A discussion of Eating Disorders – Pamela S. Chally, Ph.D., RN, The Changing Politics of Florida – Matthew T. Corrigan, Ph.D., Drug Use and Drug Policy in America – David T. Courtwright, Ph.D., How Do People Learn? Perspectives in the 1990’s – Paul D. Eggen, Ph.D., Astronomical Discoveries – Jay s. Huebner, Fathers, Children and Western Culture: The Story of Oedipus – A. Samuel Kimball, Ph.D., How Technology has Changed Mathematics – Leonard J. Lipkin, Ph.D., I Love to Tell the Story – James W. Mittelstadt, Ed.D., Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel: Then and Now – Debra Murphy, Ph.D., The Psychology of the Sexual Predator – Larry W. Neidigh, Ph.D., Understanding the Causes of Crime – Christine E. Rasche, Ph.D., Electric Democracy: Modern Problems and Ancient Solutions – Eric W. Robinson, Ph.D., Use of the Internet for Business Decision-Making – Lowell M. Slater, Ph.D., Enhancing Literacy and Expanding Horizons Using Poems by African Americans – Roy Singleton, Jr., Ed.D., Home-School Connection: Optimizing the Relationship _ Carolyn B. Stone, Ed.D., An Overview of Northeast Florida’s Prehistory and Early Contact Period – Robert L. Thunen, Ph.D., The New Society of the Internet – F. Layne Wallace, Ph.D., Effective Teams in the Workplace – Kenneth T. Wilburn, Ph.D., Jacksonville: The Women’s Story – Carolyn L. Williams, Ph.D., The Future Health Care Delivery System: The Rise and Fall of Managed Care – C. Nick Wilson, Ph.D., FACHE, Greatness at 25: Performances of Piano Composition Written by Composers in Their 25th Year – Gerson Yessin, Mus.D..



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