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The St. Johns River flows for approximately 39 miles through Duval County to the ocean. Shoreline uses range from residential, industrial, military, port, central business district, open spaces, to saltwater marshes. Environmental and design improvements are needed. Background studies were developed as part of the study. Topics covered included geophysical aspects, terrestrial vegetation, aquatic ecology and fishery resources, wildlife, historic resources, portand river-related industry, port maintenance, and commercial fishing. Development Intensity Analysis was conducted for the river corridor. Five environmental factors utilized were vegetation, wildlife, soils, slope, and flood probability. Four general levels of development were recommended, ranging from "preservation" to "high intensity." Design guidelines for principal shoreline land uses were also formulated. The entire shoreline was divided into 21 study areas. Each of these areas was mapped with specific development proposals. Functional programs to improve the river and shoreline were formulated. The programs developed addressed housing, recreation, environmental improvement, industry, historical preservation, commercial areas, and transportation. Several strategies were developed to ensure proper shoreline development and implementation of the plans. Strategies include development of a Coordinating Committee, enactment of Codes and Ordinances, adoption of river-related policies, and implementation of design guidelines. Numerous studies were also recommended. PALMM

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