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In order to provide students with a guide to planning their academic programs at the earliest possible date, the catalog appears in two parts. Part One contains general information and descriptions of programs.

As an upper division institution, the University recognizes its partnership with other institutions - a partnership requiring close liaison, an understanding of mutual objectives and specific roles, and a genuine spirit of cooperation. Each phase of the student's formal education is viewed as an integral part of a total process. Curricula have been developed in such a manner as to achieve a continuum, specifically planned with the community college transfer in mind.

The University of North Florida is committed to serving all segments of the population within the State of Florida as well as within its primary geographic area of responsibility.

Three colleges comprise the major teaching, research, and public service units: the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business Administration and the College of Education. The College of Arts and Sciences includes the Departments of Fine Arts, History, Languages and Literature, Mathematical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, and Sociology and Social Welfare, as well as the American Studies Institute and the Institute of Urban and Environmental Studies. The College of Business Administration has the Accounting; Economics; Finance, Insurance and Land Economics; Management, Marketing and Business Law; Transportation and Logistics Departments; and the Division of Studies in Economics and Business.The College of Education consists of the Departments of Administration and Supervision, Elementary Education, Health and Physical Education, Secondary Education, and Technical and Vocational Education, and the Division of Studies in Education.