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This component of the Catalog contains the description of the courses comprising the various curricula of the University. In combination with Part One, a complete picture of the programs of study and their individual components is provided.

The listing of University Officers has been expanded considerably to reflect additional appointments to the faculty and staff.

Unless otherwise indicated, courses will meet a total of five hours, or equivalent, weekly for five credits. Courses will be scheduled on a "time-block" system, with most courses meeting three times weekly or (if scheduled at night) twice weekly.

Venture Studies courses (numbered 960-999) are especially designed for non-majors and generally are not open to majors in their own departments. -While all Venture Studies courses are listed within their respective departments, a complete listing of these courses is also included in a separate section of this booklet. A more detailed description of the Venture Studies concept is found in Part One of the Catalog, pages 33-36.

In the course descriptions appearing herein, items of information are listed in the following order: Alphabetic prefix for the discipline; course number; descriptive title; credit value (expressed in quarter hours); prerequisite (if any); description of course. Where credits are preceded by a "v," the credits allowable for the course are "variable:" the actual number of credits to be assigned at registration.