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This paper examines the issue of sustainable housing in downtown Jacksonville, focusing on the role of the Downtown Investment Authority (DIA). Established in 2012, the DIA serves to drive growth, and dynamic several aspects in the downtown core. The paper delves into the impacts of the lack of affordable housing on residents, businesses, and visitors, highlighting its implications for health, well-being, and economic prosperity. Drawing on scholarly research and empirical evidence, it exposes the importance of housing policies as determinants of health and advocates for integrated approaches to housing development. Additionally, the paper provides data-driven insights into population demographics, housing dynamics, and workforce characteristics in downtown Jacksonville. It proposes two solutions; The Engagement Plan and the Purchase Plan to address the housing shortage, emphasizing collaborative approaches and targeted interventions. Funding options, including public debt issuance and tax increases, are explored to support the implementation of these proposals. In conclusion, the paper stresses the urgent need for concerted action to achieve sustainable housing development, revitalize downtown areas, and promote inclusive growth for all stakeholders involved in Jacksonville, Florida.


Honorable Mention, Spring 2024 DLC Library Research Prize cycle.

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