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“There’s the Palm Beach County lady who skillfully plays 15 Bingo cards at one time….. BINGO! ….but has trouble punching the hole with the arrow pointing to it! – there are 3 holes and only 2 arrows!” “chad enters our vocabulary… - that eliminates any question of a hanging chad!” “ballots recounted and recounted…. – Lord… we’re going to need some divine intervention here!” “and it all comes down to this…. – patience… We’ll let you know who wins! - Lawyers” An editorial cartoon by Ed Gamble, the cartoon references 2000 George W. Bush vs. Al Gore Presidential race and Florida.



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Ed Gamble; Editorial cartoons; Caricatures and cartoons; Wit and humor - Pictorial; 2000; Florida – Politics and government; Presidential campaign; Presidential elections; Presidential candidates; Presidents – United States; Presidential election of 2000; George W. Bush; Al Gore; Albert Gore; Voters; Voting; Votes; Voting machines; Voting booths; Hanging chads; Chads; Recounts; Lawyers