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“…all I want for Christmas is more money for JPA…. A new courthouse… and… and rebuild our stadium -Mayor” “…all I want for Christmas is for Mayor Peyton to quit bugging us and to cut his wish list down! -Council” “…all I want for Christmas is for the media to leave me alone next Friday so I can get married in peace! –Gov.” “…all I want for Christmas is a new football team! –Weaver, Jags” An editorial cartoon by Ed Gamble, the cartoon references the Christmas wishes of Mayor John Peyton, the Jacksonville City Council, Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Wayne Weaver the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars.



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Ed Gamble; Editorial cartoons; Caricatures and cartoons; Wit and humor - Pictorial; Jacksonville (Fla.); Duval County (Fla.); Florida -- Politics and government; Jacksonville Mayors; 2008; John Peyton; Florida Governors; Charlie Crist; City Council; Jacksonville City government; Wayne Weaver; Jacksonville – Jaguars (football team); Football team owners; Jacksonville Port Authority; Court House; Duval County Court House; Courthouse; Media