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“Some of the new state laws start this week!” “Students will now be required to pay 100% of damaged textbooks!” “The dog not only ate my homework, but also my textbook!” “$1 tax on a packs of cigarettes!” “Cigarette butts 2 for 10 cents” “Lemonade 25 cents” “Wow, that’s way you call an entrepreneur!” “New seat belt law will cost violators $100!” “I didn’t buckle up because it won’t fit around me!” “Allows state universities to store ashes of deceased alumni!” “Univeristy Alumni Columbarium” “And the Stadium is across the street so you’ll be able to hear the Gator fight song!” An editorial cartoon by Ed Gamble, the cartoon references new state laws in Florida.

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Ed Gamble; Editorial cartoons; Caricatures and cartoons; Wit and humor - Pictorial; 2009; Florida – Politics and government; United States – Politics and Government; Legislature; Legislation; Taxpayers; Fees; State and local fees; Legislation; Laws; Cigarette taxes; Seat belt law