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“Don’t worry about the cost! We aren’t!” “Health Care – Housing Heating Subsidies – Iraq Pakistan Afghanistan – Foreign Aid – Pork Spending – Bailouts Extension” “BUDGET – Dems” “Pelosi – Reid – Sec. Geithner” An editorial cartoon by Ed Gamble, the cartoon references the President Barak Obama and the Democrats spreading holiday cheer with government bailouts.

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Ed Gamble; Editorial cartoons; Caricatures and cartoons; Wit and humor – Pictorial; 2009; Barak Obama; Presidents – United States; Unites States – Politics and government; Democrats; Democratic Party; Nancy Pelosi; Harry Reid; Minority Leader of the House of Representatives; Citizens; Democratic Majority Leader of the House of Representatives; Senate Minority Whip; United States Senators; United States House of Representatives; Government subsidies; Bailouts; Pork barrel spending; Foreign aid; Health care subsidies; Housing subsidies; Budgets; Timothy Geithner; Tim Geithner; United States Secretary of the Treasury