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“1. Fed up with taxes! -- Enough is enough! Tolls – Gas taxes – School taxes – Property taxes” “2. Didn’t like Herb Sang! -- What do you mean it failed? ...but I ordered it to pass!” “3. Equal piece of the pie philosophy! – Vote No! – perhaps you haven’t heard… we don’t ride in the back of the bus, anymore!!” “4. What’s in it for me attitude! – Look, I have to pay tuition for my kids to attend private school plus all these school taxes! No Way!” “5. Ignorance! – Well, uh.. I can’t read the ballot! – What election? I didn’t know!!” An editorial cartoon by Ed Gamble, the cartoon references the reasons the school bond proposal didn’t pass, citizens and Herb Sang. Box: 6 Folder: 2



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Ed Gamble; Editorial cartoons; Caricatures and cartoons; Wit and humor - Pictorial; Florida – Politics and government; Jacksonville (Fla.); Duval County (Fla.); Jacksonville – Education; Jacksonville – Schools; 1986; Superintendent of Duval County Schools; Herb Sang; Bond proposal; School Bond Proposal; Taxes; Discrimination; Race relations; Apathy; Private schools; Public opinion; Voters; Duval County Schools