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Doctoral Dissertation


College of Education and Human Services

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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)



First Advisor

Dr. Katherine Kasten

Second Advisor

Dr. Warren Hodge

Third Advisor

Dr. Steve Paulson


This case study was a qualitative investigation to describe the nature of teachers' involvement in school based management (SBM), and to describe how this involvement affected teachers' worklives. The review of related literature provided the historical background that led to SBM restructuring, examined what the literature has revealed on SBM, and investigated organizational commitment in the context of SBM.

A semi-structured interview was the instrument used to gather the data. The participants of this case study were a random sample of teachers, a sample of teachers selected by their principals, and the principals currently employed at each of the three elementary schools in a single county school district in Florida. A total of 33 educators were interviewed and their responses were tape recorded to assist in the authentication of the transcribed data. The data were then compiled and analyzed. Themes and patterns were identified and placed into a matrix for purposes of assessing the interrelationships of responses offered in the context of the three elementary schools.

The analysis and interpretation of data revealed that restructuring with SBM was implemented to a minimal degree at the elementary schools of Florida County. The results showed that the effects of restructuring were varied and included both positive and negative findings. For some teachers, involvement enhanced commitment to the organization and spurred them on to further efforts, while for most respondents restructuring activities were perceived as impositions that made it difficult to balance classroom and SBM responsibilities. Respondents also revealed that they doubted the potential of SBM as a means to improve the quality of education at Florida County Schools or as a process for producing significant academic achievements. Recommendations were made for practical application and for future research.

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