Paper Type

Master's Thesis


College of Education and Human Services

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Master of Education (MEd)




Because of the importance of long-term memory of concepts and procedures and because of the need for the ability to retrieve data to solve
problems, the relation between the method of instruction and retentionretrieval ability of students must be examined. This study was designed to approach an analysis of the nature of this relationship.

Specifically, it was conducted to answer the following question:
What is the relationship between retention of algorithms for problem solving as measured ,by the Test of Logical Thinking (TOLT) by ninth grade physical science students at a college preparatory school who have been
trained in control of variables, and the ability of students to apply this process to a novel problem-solving situation in Physical Science?
The population was selected from a private college preparatory school in Jacksonville, Florida, which was instructed and tested in laboratoryoriented ninth grade science classes in addition to using the TOLT Form A as an indicator, the retention and retrieval of processes were tested in problem-solving situations in the classroom and observed in the laboratory by the teacher. This teacher observation and assessment, along with the TOLT, are considered essential in attempting to understand the retention of processes by the students for future use in problem-solving.