The effects of a behavior modification model on academic performance

Jane W. Dooley


A study was conducted to determine the effects on the knowledge and comprehension level learning as shown by the post-test scores of thirty-one fifth grade students in one health unit after the utilization of the classroom management program “DUNCE” had been implemented for eight weeks in contrast to their knowledge and comprehension level learning in a prior health unit as show by the post-test scores before the management program was utilized. Health was identified as the subject area for study because each unit in this content area can be taught independently and is assumed to be equivalent in difficulty. Both Deductive and Taba teaching strategies were involved throughout. Through the use of a Taba retrieval chart, the students were able to summarize the information about the health units and form generalizations and inferences about it. Since Taba is considered to be an inductive strategy, the two methods are considered to complement each other.