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As stated in the Introduction, this WORKING DRAFT is the result of dialogue and is intended to stimulate further dialogue with respect to the questions discussed here, as well as other questions. Obviously more dialogue is necessary and additional questions and issues will be raised. Continuing discussion should consider but not be limited to issues such as: The impact of high technology on curriculum and teacher training, the role and scope of vocational education with respect to training for specific jobs, the teaching of curriculum, i.e., specifically how curriculum is to be delivered, the inservice aspect of the overall teacher training component, the role Florida should play nationwide as a leader and trendsetter in a variety of educational functions, and the role and choice of various models. A variety of teacher training models, curriculum models, vocational models, and so on, exist and should be considered according to their ability to meet educational goals. As dialogue continues and these issues together with the additional questions identified in the Introduction are clarified and answered, it is hoped that a comprehensive statement will emerge that can serve as a guide to realizing Florida's goal of upper quartile achievement. PALMM