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The collection contains correspondence, documents, a newspaper clipping, maps, photographs, and an artifact; all primarily related to World War I. The correspondence is military in nature. It consists of an intelligence report, a letter requesting appreciation and recognition for the 6th Division of the 1st Army, and a General Order in response to the request. The documents are Mr. Quinn’s Certificate of Battle Service and his enlistment record that includes records documenting his honorable discharge and his final compensation. The newspaper clipping acknowledges the experience of the 6th Division’s service. The photographs include a portrait of Mr. Quinn, a group photo with Mr. Quinn pictured with fellow soldiers, and two aerial photographs showing trench systems located in northern France. The maps show different areas of northern France related to the Meuse-Argonne offensive that led up to the Armistice of November 11, 1918, known today as Veteran’s Day.