Interoffice Memo January 27, 1993

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc.


From Marty Filipowski (Public Relations) to Kathy Angus (Central Region), regarding: Draft Release on Urbanek Promotion. Includes the following attachments: Copy of Above memo with written note; Draft: Lake Mary Resident Promoted to Sales Manager with BCBSF; fax coversheet: Kathy Angus to Marty Filipowski; Interoffice Memo January 20, 1993 from Kathy Angus (Central Region) to Marty Filipowski (Public Relations), regarding: Jon Urbanek; Interoffice Memo January 15, 1993 from William W. O’Nale, Jr. (Marketing, Central Region) to All Employees, regarding: Sales Manager Appointment. Box: 16 Folder: 176