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Blue Cross of Florida and Blue Shield of Florida Rate Filing Information Presented to State Insurance Department at Tallahassee packet contains the following items: Fact Sheet No. 1- Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida – Who Are We?; Fact Sheet No. 2 – Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida’s Cost Containment Programs; Public Hearing Set November 3 on Rate Adjustments for Blue Cross and Blue Shield news release; Statement by W.J. Stansell, Senior Vice President for Blue Cross of Florida, Inc. and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc. before the Insurance Commissioner for the State of Florida, re: necessity of requesting an increase in rates transcript; and, Office of Treasurer Insurance Commissioner State of Florida: Application for Approval of an Increase in Rates for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Case No. 77-Rate-09H. Date: 11/3/1977

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