Blue on Blue 4th Quarter, 12/8/1994


Blue on Blue 4th Quarter, 12/8/1994



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Description: Mike Cascone introduces the changes for Long Term success. A new insurance product is introduced called “Care Manager” for associates covered through Publix’s insurance plan. “Outlook on Reform” review of health care and its transformations since last quarter. Regional updates included mainly new contracts. A few updates on the annual United Way campaign including an increased monetary goal. Implementation of the COMPASS Program began and there’s an introduction of the Employee Assistance Program. Review of some employee benefits including nutrition luncheons and the Influenza Vaccine Program. The addition of Worker’s Compensation to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida available health care options was mentioned. Review of Managed Care programs and mentions of their recent successes. Updates on “Medicare and More.” Upgrades to food service facilities in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida buildings. The National Insurance Industry Award was received by the Mail Operations department for their quality of service and great relationship with the U.S. Postal Service.

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Blue on Blue 4th Quarter, 12/8/1994