A Closer Look at Virtual Office, 2/1998


A Closer Look at Virtual Office, 2/1998



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Description: The Video begins with an introduction to Virtual Office, explaining that it will drastically change how BCBSF operates. The process of processing an insurance claim for surgery without Virtual Office is explained to show the difference that Virtual Office makes. The presenter explains the additional costs for the communication required to process the claim which are paid by the customers. The process of processing a claim with Virtual Office is then demonstrated. The presenter concludes that Virtual Office saves BCBSF weeks of time. A side-by-side comparison of the two videos shows how much longer processing claims takes without Virtual Office. Representatives of health care providers praise the convenience of Virtual Office in short clips. The presenter then outlines the different releases of Virtual Office and then explains that Virtual Office will simplify the customer’s experience. Representatives of the team of BCBSF employees working on Virtual office explain their positions. The benefits of the new Virtual Office career are explained by the representatives. The video concludes by summarizing Virtual Office’s benefits to customer.

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A Closer Look at Virtual Office, 2/1998