CBN—Gain a Better Understanding of Product Benefits


CBN—Gain a Better Understanding of Product Benefits



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This video is a meeting where a speaker explains group insurance benefits and how that information relates to BCBSF’s electronic Comprehensive Benefit Network (CBN) system. The video’s audio is not properly synced to the video and ends before the video ends. The speaker explains how the system reads information and praises the advantages of CBN, compared to past systems. She explains the patient master file and the meanings of the numbers that she uses to code in CBN. She discusses common accidents that occur when working with CBN. She discusses and distributes materials on standard point of service. She demonstrates the difference in the time needed to code for standard and non-standard groups. She explains the difference between PPO and non-PPO providers to explain how to code for each. Throughout the meeting, she shares her experiences working with CBN. Another speaker draws a diagram of the format of CBN’s code. The group at the meeting must make the code’s formatting even less complicated. The first speaker then explains the coding language of CBN and the variables involved.

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CBN—Gain a Better Understanding of Product Benefits