Blue on Blue 1st Quarter, 2/15/1993


Blue on Blue 1st Quarter, 2/15/1993



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Description: The Special Investigations Unit kicks off this episode of Blue on Blue with an overview of how they fight fraud and abuse within the health care system. President Clinton proposes health care reform. Small businesses are offered access to better health care coverage for their employees. Both Medicare A and B pass their CPEP testing with excellent scores. Increased awareness of safety and security at the Riverside offices becomes important. Managed Care Systems have been approved and begun implementation. Employee volunteers participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk and raised over $1,400. Blue Cross Blue Shield produces March of Dimes inspired classes for their employees in order to educate themselves on the importance of prenatal care. Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to support the March of Dimes with fundraisers and volunteers. Medicare branch employees meet with health care providers to build better, more personable relationships. CPR mannequins are donated to the Girl Scouts from the company. The annual donation to United Way from Blue Cross Blue shield increases in both money and time from volunteers. Clips from the celebrations of “working parents” weeks are provided. Donations of almost $60,000 are raised by the Employees Club and given to those employees affected in South Florida by Hurricane Andrew. The HCAP project is approved and begins implementation. Finally, Human Resources begins holding meetings to discuss changes to employee benefit and compensation coverage.

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Blue on Blue 1st Quarter, 2/15/1993