Blue on Blue 2nd Quarter, 6/14/1993


Blue on Blue 2nd Quarter, 6/14/1993



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Description: Governor Chiles signs into act a healthcare reform package that increased access to healthcare and reduces cost. Bruce Davidson, Senior Vice President of Government Programs, and Bob Whitbeck, Director of Corporate Planning, discuss how healthcare reform will affect Blue Cross Blue Shield and its’ members. Awards and congratulations are given to Blue Cross Blue Shield on behalf of their work on educating young women about prenatal care. Review of the work and family program available to Blue Cross Blue Shield employees which included: Pre-Tax Dependent Care Account, Maternity and Child Care Leave Policy, Flexible Work Scheduling, and Subsidized At-Home Dependent Care. Introduction to the corporate library and the jobs of the employees. Review of regional awards, fundraiser and volunteer events, and the March of Dimes “Walk America” event in which the volunteers raised almost $200,000 for this event. The growth and expansion of health care products offered in Lee County and to FCCJ.

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Blue on Blue 2nd Quarter, 6/14/1993