Blue on Blue 3rd Quarter, 9/16/1993


Blue on Blue 3rd Quarter, 9/16/1993



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Description: Review of health care reform at the legislative level. Employees remark on how Managed Healthcare Systems has set them up for present and future success. Overview of Senate Bill 1914. Explanation of CHPA, Community Health Purchasing Alliances. Implementation of state level advisory committees that help carry out health care reform. Review of Hurricane Andrew’s effects on the health insurance industry. Employees Club helping to stock up food pantry’s in need. Continuation of United Way campaign and increase of monetary goal. National Employee Health and Fitness day in which employees participated in a walk to bring awareness to their own health. Overview of how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida has made their work environments safe and comfortable with handling procedures for chemicals, better air quality, improved security, and ergonomic office arrangements. Publix supermarket selects Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida for a multi-year contract to cover their employees. Updates for regional news and products offered.

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Blue on Blue 3rd Quarter, 9/16/1993