Frank Hamilton

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"Dear Father: I am now a full fledged worker at the law...The senior member of the firm is an ex-governor of the state and is just now very ill. The next member is Francis Jr. with whom I dined and Seton is the youngest of the family. Francis Jr. is, I think, about 35 to 38. The two sons are all I have met and they both have been very nice to me so far and I think I shall get along finely...I think Jacksonville will be a very pleasant place to live...From what I have seen it appears to be a very lively place and with good prospects for there are three new ten story buildings going up now and the railroads have just spent several millions of dollars on terminals which would not have occurred if it were not that there were things about to happen, in their estimation...Have met Mr. L'Engle, Martins boss, and he appears to be a mighty fine man too. In fact every one I have met so far has suited me very well...With love Frank." Envelope addressed to Mr. R. S. Hamilton, Boston, Mass, 1908-10-18