Florida Public Health Review

Publication Date

May 2019


In this study, we assessed health needs and insurance coverage among a rural Latino population. A health needs survey was conducted in 2015 with approximately 100 Latino residents living in a rural Florida county. The survey included questions on socio-economic characteristics, type of insurance coverage, lapses in coverage, delays in care and satisfaction with health services. Only 15% of respondents had insurance through their employer, and 11% had Medicaid. Over 45% of participants had no health insurance, and 20% had no insurance for more than three years. One in ten had a medication delay due to lack of coverage/money, and 17% expressed they had medical bills they were paying off. Gaps in coverage highlight the need for targeted outreach efforts, while gaps in access and affordability highlight the need for new strategies to address barriers to care and out of pocket expenses for those with health insurance.