The Halyard

Publication Date



May 15, 1974. Campus newspaper published every other week by members of the Newspaper Workshop class for all members of the UNF community. Issue contains the UNF Summer course schedule. News Editor – Ruth Skapyak, Assistant News Editor – Sylvia O’Dell, Metro Editor – Buzz Mills, Reporters -- Betty Byers, Connie Hoffman, Jeanie Roycraft, Drew Brunson, Janice Hagood, Mary Brumbaugh and Chuck Helderman. Feature Editor – Carolyn Kenyon, Feature writers and columnists -- Luther Anthony, Harold Morgan and Steve Rogers. Editorial Page Editor -- Don Edelberg, Editorial writers and columnists – Linda Center, Larry Spisak, Shirley Corbin and Jerry Nelson. Art/Photo Editors – Mike Milkey and Don Renshaw, Photographers – Doris Manukian and Barry York. Production Manager – Sharon McConnell, Production staff – Joyce Johnson, Suzanne Louque, Steve Holland and Lynn Woodbridge. Makeup Editor – Judi Benson, Makeup Staff –Linda Center, Thelma Cribbs and George White. Business Manager – Barnie Napier. Advertising Manager – Lee Donaldson. Circulation Manager – Jim Alderman, Circulation staff – Terry Mothershed. Editor and General Manager – Associate Professor W. J. Roach.

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