The Halyard

Publication Date



February 6, 1974. Campus newspaper published every other week by members of the Newspaper Workshop class for all members of the UNF community. Staff: News Editor – Dee Uselton, Assistant News Editors – Sylvia O’Dell, Barbara Walters, Reporters – Brenda Bartley, Stan Bellows, Fred Brown, Ricky Crews, Thelma Cribbs, Dennis Devoe, Kyla Fowler, Kathy Merrey, Buzz Mills, Harold Morgan, Jeanie Roycraft, Roger Sallas, and Lynne Welch. Feature Editor – Judi Benson, Assistant Feature Editor – Carolyn Kenyon, Feature Writers and Columnists – Luther Anthony, Shirley Corbin, Ellyn Davenport, Mary Kellett. Editorial Page Editor – Dale Edelberg, Editorial Writers – Steve Edwards, Gary Lindley, Michael Milkey, Columnists – Linda Center, Larry Spisak. Art/Photo Editor – Don Renshaw, Photographer – Doris Manukian. Production Manager – Mary Brumbaugh, Production Staff Patty Petrucci, Mary Merritt and Roberta Kauffman. Makeup Editor – Jonel Aller, Makeup Staff – Sharon McConnell, Joyce Johnson. Business Manager – Chuck Lightner. Personnel Manager – Ruth Skapyak, Advertising staff – Steve Rogers, Bill Scully, Lee Donaldson, Lynn Woodbridge, George Comer. Circulation Manager – Jim Alderman, Circulation staff – Gaynell Jernigan, Terry Mothershed. Editor and General Manager – Associate Professor W. J. Roach.

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