The Halyard

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March 1, 1976. Published every other week by the members of the communications classes at the University of North Florida for all members of the university community. W.J. Roach – Editor and General Manager, Bill Skutt – Executive Editor, Drew Brunson – Managing Editor, Steve Holland – News Editor; Mary Kahler – Photography and Art Editor; Trina Wharton – Ad Manager; Burt Jordan – Business Manager; Patti Levine – Asst. News Editor; Kay Kerlin – Asst. News Editor; Tom McLaughlin – Asst. Ad Editor; Fulton Smith – Asso. Editorial Editor; Vicki Verdery – Asso. Editorial Editor; Production: John Cascone, Cecelia Freve, Cathy Hagan, Sam Hamil, Stephanie McLain, Martha Robbins. Reports and Production Staff: Carla Broner, Miguel Carbonetti, Sharon Crane, Harold Morgan, Mary Kline, Rick Logan, Marvin Mizell, Ronald Williams.

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