Elisa Hatch

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The correspondence consists of two letters, dated May 29, 1842 and July 23, 1843, from Elisa Hatch to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Comings, sent from Jacksonville, Florida. The writer describes to her brother and sister, in Greensboro, Vermont, her thoughts and experiences while living on the Florida frontier, two years prior to Florida's admission to statehood. The second letter, dated July 23, 1843, mentions her home life and activities, family, social obligations, and the "delightful climate" of the area. The family has abandoned their Mandarin residence, and are now living in the city of Jacksonville where she describes her home life. She comments on blacks and poor whites, her opposition to slavery, and the relations between white men and black women. She relates that although there are numerous cases of consumption in town, she considers Jacksonville one of "the most healthy places on the globe." She describes her neighbor, Mrs. Fleming, as a "good and noble old lady, 75 and Catholick." The family will be leaving Jacksonville shortly for the Indian River area of Florida, where her husband has claimed property under the Florida Armed Occupation Act. Box 1, Folder 4