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The marker reads: "R. E. Lee Institute 1875-1992 "Proud to be from R. E. Lee" Education in Upson County grew from small private schools in 1824 to a public school that was chartered R. E. Lee Institute in 1882. Graduates distinguished themselves by becoming doctors, lawyers, Senators, State Representatives, athletes, famous soldiers, and one an Assistant Attorney General of the United States. There were literary figures, who claimed national fame, and a few were presented at the White House; some on national news, in the motion picture business, and others became authors of several books. Football reigned as king of sports winning one state championship, two state runners-up, and 12 regional championships. Baseball produced two national league players while basketball provided the school with the Jaycee Invitational and one state and eleven national championships. After integration in 1970 and consolidation in 1973, Lee closed its doors in 1992. Three of the nine buildings became the Thomaston-Upson Government Complex in 1998. The remaining buildings are currently serving in community capacities. UPSON HISTORICAL SOCIETY" top of sign: Outline of Upson County Georgia

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32 deg 53' 10.52", 84 deg 19' 29.59"


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