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Is Jacksonville prepared for a man-made or natural disaster? With the numerous risks of encountering disaster in Jacksonville due to its geography, weather patterns, transportation routes, and military facilities, how can disaster preparedness here be improved? The term "disaster" in this study refers to the occurrence or imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury, or loss of life and/or property resulting from any natural or man made cause. This includes but is not limited to, enemy attack, sabotage or other hostile military or paramilitary action, fire, flood, earthquake, wind storm, wave action, epidemic, air contamination, blight, drought, infestation, explosion, or accident involving radiation byproducts. A disaster creates a situation in which the day-to-day patterns of life are suddenly disrupted and numbers of people are plunged into helplessness and distress. The scope of the study includes a review and analysis of: Past disasters and the potential for future disasters. Roles of public and private agencies responsible for responding to disasters. Methods for communicating among agencies and with the population before, during, and after disasters. • Preparedness programs in similar cities. PALMM.