Relationship health impacts many other health outcomes, including physical and mental wellbeing and the health of children in the family system (Goeke-Morey, Cummings, & Papp, 2007; Jaremka, Glaser, Malarkey, & Kiecolt-Glaser, 2013; Jaremka, Lindgren, & Kiecolt-Glaser, 2013; Pihet, Bodenmann, Cina, Widmer, & Shantinath, 2007; Rappaport, 2013; Robles, Slatcher, Trombello, & McGinn, 2014). Despite the importance of relationship health, couples do not regularly seek support for maintaining their connection (Eubanks-Fleming & Cordova, 2012). Early intervention programs that provide support are a growing public health initiative (Cowan & Cowan, 2014). One brief early intervention program, the Marriage Checkup (MC), positively impacts relationship satisfaction, prevents decline, and improves health on other relationship variables such as intimacy (Cordova, 2014). To date, the MC research has included only heterosexual couples. This study explored the question, “What is the impact of a relationship wellness checkup on gay male couples’ relationship satisfaction?” Using single-subject multiple-baseline, multiple-probe design, this study extends MC research to include gay may couples. Findings showed that the MC positively influenced satisfaction (NAP .73) for the group overall. In an analysis of each couple, two of the three couples improved and one couple showed a slight decline in satisfaction. The likely confounding event for this third couple was their marriage and honeymoon during the baseline phase. In light of research with newlywed and engaged couples from other studies, overall the results tentatively suggest the MC may increase satisfaction for gay male couples with additional research needed for newlywed couples.



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