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This commentary focuses on clinical competencies, research frameworks, training implications that elevate the meta-competence awareness for the clinical supervisor. There is an identified need to expand sex-positive clinical supervision guidelines. The supervisory setting is created for the safety and personal-professional growth of the supervisee, where it is an opportunity to conceptualize the thematic development of our clinical evolution. In this space, we set a foundation for clinical frameworks to guide the applicability of specific intervention methods and strategies that allow for the critical formulation of a healthy therapeutic outcome. Without established and robust sex-positive frameworks in supervision, the clinical supervisor is exposed to incompetent practices that miss an adequate assessment, detection, and treatment, all critical elements of the conceptualization process. To make matters worse, the lack of training and preparation in sexual wellness and other sexual topics is transferred onto the supervisee, creating a circuit of uninformed clinicians and left to fend on their own when encountering a future client seeking treatment. Not only are we causing a disservice to our supervisees, but we are perpetually injuring the clinical community as a whole. This commentary will examine the clinical, research and training priorities in clinical mental health counseling.

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