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Sexual health is considered a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being (World Health Organization, 2006). Persons with disabilities are likely to be presumed as sexually inactive, asexual (Rico Alonso et al., 2021; Sant Angelo, 2000), or sexually deviant (Earle, 2001), often leading to their lack of sexual education, an increased risk of sexual exploitation, unwanted pregnancy, or sexually transmitted infections (STIs; Doughty et al., 2017). This commentary addresses three priorities for rehabilitation counseling graduate program curriculum. Clinical priorities should focus on providing persons with disabilities information and education regarding sexual health and wellness. Training priorities should focus on implementation of multicultural competence to holistically support persons with disabilities and understanding their sexual identities to better facilitate successful gainful employment and independent living. Research should prioritize sexual health for persons with disabilities and the association with employment outcomes to create a more inclusive rehabilitation counseling curriculum.

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