The Deaf Community is increasingly aware of the possibility of receiving professional help in coping with normative developmental tasks as well as with more complex emotional and mental difficulties. This is partly thanks to the development of services that are accessible to this population and the introduction of sign language interpreters into the therapy room for deaf people who know sign language. Although the introduction of interpreters has greatly enhanced communication between the therapist and the recipient of therapeutic services, all three participants must contend with the unique dynamics of the triad thus formed. Using various models, including Bowen’s model of the dynamics in a triad, this theoretical article explores from three perspectives the dynamics that may develop in individual therapy of deaf people: the creation of coalitions as each of the three individuals examines the relations of power and control in the room; coping with the feeling of increased exposure to a third person; and the creation of triangles as a mechanism for coping with the level of emotional stress.


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