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Finals Week is an extremely stressful time for college students. While a busy library may seem like the last place for some much needed relaxation, the University of North Florida’s Thomas G. Carpenter Library is working hard to help their students cope. During finals, we plan stress - relieving events and activities to foster academic success and mental well being. Popular events include PAWS Your Stress featuring friendly service dogs, free Late - night Coffee and Snacks, and pop - up Random Acts of Snacks. The library also offers a coloring station to incite creativity, and a sleep zone to catch a quick wink without leaving the building. When students need a study break during finals, the Carpenter Library becomes both a place to get to work, and a place to unwind. Attendees will learn how to plan events and activities, ways to partner with other departments and organizations to reduce costs, and how to effectively market to their audiences.


Presented at the NEFLIN 2018 Hot Topics Conference: Libraries Unplugged June 15, 2018 at 3pm.