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Front: “Seaboard Air Line Pass Check - Pass one way only in opposite direction from accompanying pass – VOID IF DETACHED issued by Vice President and General Manager” “SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILWAY TRIP PASS no. A 19286 – PASS ______ from Sarasota (FL) to Jacksonville (FL) Account ______ Issued March 8, 1911, Expires April 8, 1911. When Countersigned By J.M. SHEA – Vice President and General Manager” Back of Trip Pass: “ CONDITIONS - This free ticket is not transferable, and, if presented by any other person than the individual named thereon, or if any alteration, addition, or erasure is made upon it, it is forfeited, and the conductor will take it up and collect full fare. The person accepting this free ticket agrees that the Seaboard Air Line Railway shall not be liable, under any circumstances, whether of negligence of agents or otherwise, for any injury to the person, or for any loss or damage to the property of the passenger using the same. I accept the above conditions. _____________________ This Pass will not be honored unless signed in Ink by the person for whom issued.” Mounted on glass. Box: 28 (M#103)



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