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Map of the St. Johns River, surrounding Jacksonville streets, businesses and owners of the waterfront properties. Railroads: Atlantic Coast Line R.R., Seaboard Air Line Ry., Florida East Coast Ry., St Johns River Terminal Co., Municipal Terminals Ry., Commodore Point Term’l Co., Merrill-Stevens Shipbldg. Corp. Owners of Waterfront Property: between Hogan St. and Laura St. – J.P. Taliaferro, a.s. Hubbard, et. Al, E.M. L’Engle, and James and Paxon Ag’ts., between Laura St. and Main St. E.E. and J.W. West, Geo. L. McCoihe, Holmes Estate, between Main St. and Ocean St.: Dyal-Upchurch Investment Co., J.D. Fernandez Estate, W. H. Adams, between Ocean St. and Newnan St.: C.C. Butler, C.E. Vanderpoel, Consolidated Grocery Co., J.H. Durkee, between Newnan St. and Market St. :J.H. Durkee, Municipal Dock, between Market St. & Washington St. : Clyde Line Docks, between Washington St. and Catherine St.: St. Johns River Terminal Co. and Between Catherine St. and Marsh St. : T. Murphy Iron Works, Merrill- Stevens Shipbuilding Corp. (M# 113)



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