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Jacksonville street guide, it give a written description of the streets in downtown Jacksonville and the suburbs. The guide also includes points of interest, a list of the street car lines and locations of fire alarms. Local business advertisements: Pigniolo’s Restaurant on the cover and inside, The PAINT Store – inside. On n the back a list of ”Reliable Business Houses” -- James E. Kirk - Prescription Druggist, METTO – A True Tonic - J.W. Wellington, W.E. Alexander – Imported and Domestic Fruits, Candy, Cigars, & Smokers’ Supplies, W.T. Delaporte – Baker and Confectioner, Mrs. Weldon-Lund – Sheet Music, Strings and Musical goods, R.P. Sheridan – Fine Tailoring, Bettelini’s Hotel, M. F. Gately – Cheap Cash Grocery, The Belvedere – H.W. Metcalf - Imported and Domestic Wines, Liquors and Cigars. J.S. Ramis – Expert Bicycle Repairer, Mrs. M. G. MacDonald – Millinery, Al. McCabe – Boat Builder and Repairer. M#124



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