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Front: “XXZ. 1345-2 -- Passenger’s Check. For use only for the Date Stamped upon back, when accompanied by the ticket attached to these coupons. To be retained to identify accommodations. Jacksonville to Jersey City – Lower Berth No.____ – Car. No._____ - $6.50 - 163 - Line No.____ Car_____ “ Back: PASSENGER’S CHECK – NOT TRANSFERABLE – The Conductor is required to furnish a Check (?) each person entitled to a Berth or Seat, one (?) check for a Berth, Section, Drawing or State Room, whether occupied by one or more persons, (?)t paid for by one person. Baggage, Wearing Apparel, Money Jewelry or (?) Valuables taken into the Car will be entirely (?) . Passengers are requested to (?) or incivility of employees (?) such report to any (?) Company. M#147



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