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At the time of the previous study of transportation savings, commerce in coal primarily for electric power generation could not be ·projected with any degree of accuracy because most electric utilities had not developed firm plans for building new coal-fired plants· or for converting from petroleum products or natural gas to coal at existing plants. Today, with plants already constructed that will burn coal, there is a greater probability of defining coal needs. So there is a need to reevaluate potential coal traffic via the CFBC. Also there is a need to evaluate the other types of benefits mentioned under “SCOPE” since these were not fully evaluated in the previous study.

In order to update and expand the economic analysis, the previous benefit analysis must be reexamined, with inclusion of coal transportation benefits, regional economic development benefits, area redevelopment benefits, and contingency benefits. Consultants would accomplish most of the work on transportation and regional benefits, and redevelopment and contingency benefits would be determined by inhouse analysis. The benefit reanalysis should revalidate or delete benefits accruing from previously claimed commodity movements, and also identify those from all potential new movements including coal. Engineering analysis by Jacksonville District would be limited to redetermination of costs for various scenarios, with no new design or environmental studies. Although outside the scope of this economic update, any significant new items which surface during this study that impact on the environmental aspects of the project will be appropriately noted. Detailed analysis will not be included at this time, but will be accomplished during final design prior to construction as appropriate.



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