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Henry Beard Delany and Emma Beard Delaney were two African-Americans who rose from the obscurity of an enslaved family to achieve distinguished success in their individual lives. A period of time does not portray a history. To achieve that, one needs ideas, theories, and assumptions. There must be a concept with a structure systematically laid out, which reaches points of view leading to firm conclusions that allow the recording of this history of two dynamic African-Americans. This study is an examination of two remarkable lives. Theirs is a story of dignified control over their destinies, displaying only rare flinching from despondency and failure. Both achieved lofty success accompanied by some disappointment. This study is an opportunity to educate those within several specific related communities about the road to personal success chosen by two self-driven individuals. They successfully dedicated their lives to the service of God and their people, and achieved their objectives with quiet dignity and perseverance. They asked no special favors, nor sought acclaim or reward. This study is an effort to examine the social and racial paradigms which impacted the time frames of their respective lives. It responds to many questions posed as to how these young African-Americans, one born a slave and one born free, rose from subjugation and led lives filled with achievements despite the adversities suffered by their people. Perhaps the simple, constant reminder from Henry's grandmother was one of their principal motivators, "I am just trying to try." PALMM

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African American Studies | History | Philosophy | United States History

Henry Beard Delany And Emma Beard Delaney