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Volume II, 2002

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Just over two years ago, I began to document what life was like for my foremothers. My plan was to speak with as many women as I could, and to tape record our conversations. Before beginning my research, I read books about tape-recorded interviews, books about the history of Creoles in Louisiana, books about genealogy, and how to trace a family tree. I remember how organized I was; I read all the right books and knew all the right questions to ask. I bought just the right notepads and pens, and made sure I had extra batteries for my recorder, extra film for my camera. It was helpful to read books before beginning my research; but, when I look back on the past two years - on the long drives to Mississippi and Louisiana, the late-night, sometimes tearful interviews, the funny group interviews, the hotels, the uncomfortable questions I had to ask, and the candid answers I received - I realize that no book could ever have prepared me for this life-changing journey.